You Need An Intel

⚠️This is not a political post

I read an article relating to the the Ukrainian invasion. The article enumerated how the United States intel helped Ukraine protect air defences as well as shoot down a Russian plane. The article also stated that the US gave the Ukrainian forces detailed intelligence about exactly when and where Russian missiles and bombs were intended to strike, prompting Ukraine to move air defenses and aircrafts out of harm’s way. The intelligence provided made all the difference and has turned a planned quick war/take over by Russia into an ongoing, endless battle.

A similar situation occured in the bible where prophet Elisha was providing intel to the king of Israel when the king of Aram came up to fight him. The whole of Israel was afraid, and the servant of the prophet got so scared he cried to the prophet about the armies surrounding them. Elisha however was connected to heaven and was able to provide the relevant intel that led to Israel's continued success.

Check what Elisha said: “Don’t be afraid,” the prophet answered. “Those who are with us are more than those who are with them.” 2 Kings 6:16

As an individual trying to navigate life today, having any intel will be priceless. A voice to direct, correct, caution, and instruct. What a joy to be able to have a dependable God who is all knowing as our intelligence provider. God knows all things and can lead you right if you depend on & trust in Him. The Holy Spirit can whisper what to do or what not to do if we invite Him into our situation. There is intel for your life, so take time to find out and choose to follow the voice of the spirit.

~~God is on your side